Our quality management department is consisted of QA department and QC department, and  we have established a  good quality assurance system; equipped with advanced quality testing facilities, they are work to ensure that products are manufactured  in accordance with the requirements of  GMP, and only GMP approved products can be sent to users.

Quality Assurance QA:
QA is primarily responsible for the GMP management of company, and its duties is to establish and improve quality assurance systems, develop and manage file systems of GMP, and give guidance to the staff training of GMP; QA also should establish quality audits of suppliers and related files to supervisory and control the applications of materials are used; Moreover, it also perform GMP inspection during production process, and make decision for the release of finished products; it is also responsible for the stability survey of products and information feedback of quality, and help continuously improve product quality; It needs to carry out a comprehensive production authentication to provide a reliable guarantee of product quality; Moreover, it makes internal audit of GMP application in company and supervise related rectification. 

Quality control QC: 

QC is the quality inspection agency for our company; it is responsible for the quality inspection of all raw materials, intermediate products, finished products and the investigation of product samples. There are Chemical testing room, microbiological testing room and instrument analysis room in our QC, and all of them are equipped with advanced facilities such as Waters HPLC, PE infrared spectrophotometer, Shimadzu UV spectrophotometer, Mettler Moisture analyzer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, GC, polarimeter, electronic analytical balance and so on.

GMP certification:
Now, we mainly produce all kinds of powder injections, large volume injections, Tablets, capsules (including cephalosporins), granules, small volume injection and solid oral preparations, APIs, etc. All our products obtain the certificates of GMP of The People's Republic of China.




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